Choosing the right place to practice yoga in Byron Bay

Life for many of us is busy. We rush around from one activity to the next, often forgetting to take time out to catch our breath, check in with ourselves and recharge our batteries. But how useful are we to anyone – or any task – in such a frazzled state?

The practice of yoga and the yogic lifestyle – whether through asanas, meditation, diet, or selfless service – has long been acknowledged to clear the mind of unnecessary stress and strip things back so that we can connect back with ourselves and our true purpose in life.

Byron Bay has long been known as a place of healing. The Aboriginal word for this area of land, Walgun, means The Shoulder, a name that inspires feelings of empathy and warmth, hinting at an earth mother who will accompany us through any difficult times and offer us a shoulder on which to rest.

It is no great surprise, then, that a place of healing and a practice of healing fit so comfortably together.

Byron Bay has an abundance of centres offering yoga classes, yoga courses, yoga teaching courses and yoga retreats. There is vinyasa yoga, aerial yoga, bikram yoga, iyenga yoga, hatha yoga, ashtanga yoga, purna yoga, kundalini yoga, tigress yoga, baby yoga, prenatal yoga… it goes on… what have we missed? Whatever your heart desires in terms of a style of yoga, there are plenty of classes and courses for you to choose from.

But what if you wish nothing more than to indulge in your own practice? To stay away from crowds, to be with a small group of likeminded individuals, to be alone? To be surrounded by nature, to be in direct contact with this healing land?

In an area of rainforests that run down to the ocean, of wide sandy beaches and striking shorelines, the stretch of coast running north and south of Byron has plenty of pockets for private practice in amongst the elements. While it’s not unusual to wander our beaches and come across someone lost in deep meditation or arched over into the wheel pose, there are likely dozens of practicing yogis who you won’t even know exist.

And that’s just it. There is the space for us all to breathe and practice, by a waterfall, on a headland, by the ocean. You can have structured, guided practice or you can do it your way, wherever you wish with whatever soundtrack suits. The where and the how is completely up to you.

Byron Bay has long been known as a place of healing and is fast becoming known as a place to practice yoga. Come and visit, breathe, stretch out, unwind.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Contact us today to book a room at Barbara’s Guesthouse where we can offer you easy access to all the yoga schools and beautiful nature areas where you might wish to enjoy some yoga practice. We also have a wooden deck in our tranquil back garden that can be used as a place for up to eight people to practice yoga or meditation without leaving the guesthouse.