Looking for budget accommodation in Byron Bay?

December 12, 2013 The Guesthouse

Byron Bay in the summertime is a hive of tourist activity with hotels, guesthouses and B&Bs booked out up to a year ahead. But Byron’s prices aren’t known for being low and many people aren’t able or prepared to fork out to stay in five star accommodation.

Yet, they still want to experience some of the Byron Bay magic. Who wouldn’t?

Consider the following three scenarios:

  1. Three friends arrive into Byron Bay. All the hostels are full and motels are out of their price range. Having left it a bit late to go searching for other options, they make pillows out of their spare clothes and lie down in a line next to a playground. The early morning brings with it a mob of wide-awake kids who enjoy nothing more than swaying on the squeaky swing. Sleep time is over.
  2. A man from out of town has been out drinking in Byron and winds up passed out on the lawns of a posh hotel. At 10am the next day the gardener mows around him, but he doesn’t stir. Eventually the manager comes out with a glass of water and suggests the man move himself into the shade. He gulps down the water and stumbles off into the park.
  3. A young couple set up their tent in the dark with no idea they are pitched in a busy thoroughfare or that they’re doing anything wrong (look closely at the pic above). In the morning, the girl pokes her head out of the tent, sees a steady stream of people passing by their porch and realises its only a matter of time before someone asks them to move on. No time for breakfast until the tent is down.

Sure, these real life scenarios make people laugh and exclaim ‘ah Byron!’ but for most of us, being in situations where you’re stuck for somewhere to sleep can be frustrating and unappealing.

In all cases these situations could have easily been avoided with a little forethought and planning.

Because although Byron is known as being an expensive town to visit, there are budget accommodation options available, including here at Barbara’s Guesthouse where rooms start at just $120 per night.

Wouldn’t you choose to enjoy a comfy bed and crisp, clean sheets, if it was affordable? To have some privacy and shade and a quiet escape, if at all possible?

It is. Book now with us to avoid waking up in the baking sun, getting told off by rangers or being moved on by motel managers. We promise that we’ll let you enjoy your stay in peace!