What Christmas In Australia Is Really Like

December 24, 2013 Australian Culture

Imagine Santa on a surfboard, a beachside bustle of last minute present buying and Christmas Eve queues at the fish markets.

Welcome to an Aussie Christmas in Byron Bay!

Many of our visitors at Barbara’s Guesthouse come from the Northern Hemisphere where Christmastime means long winter nights, twinkling lights and cosy indoor moments. An Australian Christmas can feel, well, a little strange to those travellers.

But give it a chance! Australia is a country full of cultural diversity and with that comes a beautiful blend of traditions, foods and rituals. Like in the Northern Hemisphere, we still put up trees and decorations, sing carols and celebrate time with family and friends.

We eat good food – whether that be a feast of cold meats and seafood treats, barbeque, roast turkey or a mix of the lot – and like other nations, we’re known to indulge in a festive drink or two, although we’re more likely to reach for champagne or beer instead of mulled wine, eggnog and port.

So the main difference? The heat and all that goes with it. There’ll be no white Christmas in Byron Bay this year (or, let’s face it, any year). But there may be a heatwave, there may be storms, and there may well be a perfect day for a beach breakfast and swim after unwrapping some gifts.

And there will be Santa, maybe on a surfboard, and possibly looking a little hot under that outfit and beard.

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